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Solar energy is an important contributor to the UK’s carbon-free energy ambitions. Solar Energy UK is at the forefront of this revolution.

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The power of sunshine

Earth gets more solar energy in one hour than the entire world uses in a year. In the UK alone, solar energy accounts for about one in 25 of all watts consumed. That’s enough to keep all our streetlights on.

As solar energy technologies become more efficient and cheaper, the ambition is to power not just every streetlight, but every light bulb by 2030, the equivalent of about 15% of all energy use.

UK technologies and businesses are at the forefront of solar energy innovation. The industry’s trade association is pushing for the sector to contribute more to our nations’ ambitious clean energy targets, mobilising its wide and varied membership to work to together to make this happen.

A stronger voice for solar

Established in 1978, when solar energy felt like a distant dream, the Solar Trade Association had a somewhat dated identity relying on the familiar sunray cliché of the sector.

In order to effectively reposition the association as the leading voice for solar energy across the UK as well as cut-through in a noisy digital world, it was clear they needed a full rebrand.

We worked closely with the Solar Trade Association’s executive team and board to define their brand positioning, which led quickly to the decision to undertake a complete rethink of their name, logo and visual identity.

The case for changing the name was compelling. Moving away from a description of ‘who they are’ to a more confident assertion of ‘what they are for’ helps position them as sector leaders able to drive policy and enable positive change. We opted for Solar Energy UK.

Next the identity. Looking across the globe at solar trade bodies showed no lack of enthusiasm for the sunbeam motif – unsurprisingly. The clear opportunity in front of Solar Energy UK was to create a genuinely distinctive identity that stands out in standing up for solar.

Working with award-winning illustrator Karen Davison we created a series of stunning illustrations that not only show the impact of the sun on the work of the association’s members, but at its simplest, how sunlight during the day can turn on our lights at night.

As part of the rollout of the identity, we created social media visuals, icons and illustrations to help data visualisation, and a range of stationery and publication templates. We also designed and built a completely new website with our partner A : F Digital.

Lisa Cromer, co-owner and design director at Brand Ethos, says:

“At the heart of the brand proposition is the simple belief that solar energy can be harnessed to create a healthier planet. Our instinct was to keep the name and the logo as straightforward as this proposition, avoiding clichés.

“Instead, we created an identity that is self-assured and uncomplicated. A bold yellow circle logo radiates ambition and confidence, and the identity draws on beautiful illustrations and icons to support clear messaging and help visualise data.”

Solar Trade Association rebrands as Solar Energy UK markSolar Trade Association rebrands as Solar Energy UK with new logo, brand identity and website