The Health Foundation — Infographics to explain health care
Turning policy into eye-catching infographics is no mean feat. Our work with the Health Foundation shows how it can be done.

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Infographics that catch your eye

The Health Foundation are an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

They initially asked us to produce a series of infographics for their policy area addressing healthier lives. We worked closely with the policy and communications teams to determine what information could be visualised and what needed to be presented in words.

Letting pictures tell the story

The team was keen that the imagery used in the infographics, which also used quotes and statistics, should do more than just replace words. It needed to tell a story. So we turned to award-winning conceptual illustrator PatrickGeorge to support us in the development of the initial designs. Images from the infographics were then individually used in social media cards and as part of slide decks and publication covers. Through a process of co-creation we had created something with real impact. The infographics earned the most engagement of any digital content the charity produced that year.

Our brief was to offer a ‘smile in the mind’, reflecting the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the Health Foundation’s work, but also the positive outlook the infographics should convey. Our aim throughout was to simplify complex ideas and bring fresh perspective to familiar ones. The high engagement suggests we achieved that.”

Lisa Cromer, Brand Ethos

Following the success of the Healthy Lives series, we have produced nearly 20 more infographics, and cover and programme illustrations, as well as supported the teams with programme naming and elevator pitches.

You can learn more about the Health Foundation by visiting their website.


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