Sheila McKechnie Foundation – SMK — Brand Ethos
Refreshing the brand proposition, visual identity and website for Sheila McKechnie Foundation, the pioneering social change organisation.

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Unleashing social power

Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK) believes in a more confident and powerful civil society in which people work together to create change. Set up to continue the work of legendary campaigner, Sheila McKechnie, SMK helps people and organisations affect positive and lasting social change – in their community or across the globe.

From 2017 onward, SMK brought together hundreds of campaigners and changemakers to form the Social Change Project, a UK-wide conversation into how social power can be unleashed and make social change happen from the doorstep to the corridors of Westminster. Such was its impact, the project inspired SMK’s trustees to reposition their strategy around the project’s findings. To mark that fundamental shift, SMK’s brand needed a rethink and refresh, too.

Change for changemakers

Making change happen isn’t just marches and loudhailers, although they play an important role. It is about applying the levers of change; using the law, influencing policy, bringing people together and championing those who achieve their ambitions. Working closely with SMK’s team, we revitalised the brand proposition and narrative to one that embraces the energy and spirit of social power.

“The Sheila McKechnie Foundation challenges people to articulate how civil society can and should come together to create positive societal change by unleashing social power. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to help tell that story.”

Peter Mills, Brand Ethos

We wanted to reflect SMK’s stand-out role and strident new narrative with a vibrant new visual identity. With usability and accessibility at its core, we created bold colours, clear design, streamlined messaging, and a new website to help SMK’s impact reach further.

“Our work with SMK happened during lockdown in time for their fifteenth anniversary launch and their first online awards ceremony. Despite the challenges, and thanks to the hard work and commitment of the team at SMK – whom we’ve not even met in person – we delivered in time for run up to the awards. We are honoured to help SMK continue their vital work in Sheila’s name, now and for many years to come.”

Lisa Cromer, Brand Ethos

You can learn more about SMK on their website.

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